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July 4, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mad Magazine will forge ahead, reprinting vintage material while no longer soliciting new content

As a fan of Mad Magazine for decades, this sounds like the beginning of the end, although they say otherwise.
News spread quickly around the web about the demise of Mad Magazine who will only publish new material through October with #1- being the last. It was mentioned they would reprint older material in order to fulfill subscriptions extending past the October deadline. Then the story changed a bit.

Ma Magazine's bars and skewers at pop culture and current events will continue via their clever cover images, but the magazine's content will consist of reprinted vintage content. The notion being put forth is that Mad Magazine will forge ahead, beyond October, with classic content from the past.

As the print world dwindles, it's hard to imagine Mad Magazine being able to continue without new content. While I still remember stories from their past (loved their take On American Graffiti) I'm not sure that's enough to sustain the publication. Only time will tell.

Mad Magazine

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