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September 26, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mario Kart Tour puts another iconic game on my phone when I want something surprising and unique

Mario Kart Tour mobile game
Mobile games have their place, but I'm not sure iconic console games need to be released in this space.
Mario Kart Tour comes to phones and tablets today! I'm sure many folks will download the game because it's a Nintendo favorite and making inroads all over social media. A month or two down the road, how many still have the app installed and how many are still active users? That's the challenge for Nintendo - duration.

Discovery is a huge issue for many smaller developers. How do you get the word out when your main character isn't a globally beloved icon? It isn't easy! But Nintendo easily skirts that concern. For them, retention is the key factor. They need players to remain engaged and continue playing enough to generate profits over time for Nintendo.

Mitomo Was Unique And Stood Apart

When Nintendo brought Mitomo to market, I jumped on it. It was fun, quirky and unlike other mobile games, but also much different from the console games I love. For me, I didn't want a "very Nintendo" game on mobile. I liked the surprise of seeing what Mitomo would offer. It was fun and then it was gone.

With today's Mario Kart Tour release, I kind of know what to expect. I love playing with a friend on a large TV or online. It's not really a game I want to play on a tiny screen with taps and swipes.

I'm not sure where success will lie for Nintendo in the mobile gaming realm. I want them to succeed, but I'm not sure if paring down iconic IPs for mobile is the answer. I love their iconic games for the game play then deliver on consoles and a television. For mobile games, I like to be surprised. Mario Kart Tour doesn't offer much surprise - which is od because Nintendo is often full of surprises and doing things their own way. I feel they are still discovering what formula will yield success on mobile devices.

Surprise Us With Games Crafted For Mobile

I wish them well, but wish they'd steer back toward games we may not expect from them. Just my personal craving. I've enjoyed Nintendo in my living room and respect the way they developed for their various handhelds from Gameboy to 2DS. I want to see another explosion of magic come to phones from Nintendo - not just another mobile effort.

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