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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 28, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Bitmap Books' Metal Slug: The Ultimate History is an officially licensed account of the franchise's lineage

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History
This book is full of illustrations, artwork, and detailed interviews as it looks at Metal Slug's history.
Coming in November, Bitmap Books is releasing the first officially licensed book on the history behind Metal Slug. It began in arcades in 1996 and blossomed into many sequels as well as home releases across many consoles. It's a beloved franchise and deserves this kind of documented treatment.

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History features a lot of artwork from previously unseen works to concept art from various games in the franchise. Apparently SNK gave great access to their archive of visuals and history. There are eleven exclusive interviews with developers who shed light on Metal Slug's contribution to the Run 'N Gun genre.

It sounds like a great book, but I'm a stickler for formatting. When claiming to be a history of the game, I'm hoping it takes a timeline approach and delves into each game. Bitmap books have an excellent history of creating great gaming books. I'm hoping Metal Slug: The Ultimate History will follow that path.

You can still pre-order it from Bitmap Books.

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History

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