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July 2019 Retro Gaming Article

July 11, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It feels early in the lifecycle, but the scaled-back Nintendo Switch Lite is coming in September

Stranger Things fake VHS cases
In a time where we celebrate diversity and uniqueness, the Switch Lite will easily fill a void.
To me, it feels rather early in the Switch console's lifecycle to be introducing a scaled-back version. Typically this is done to boost sales and potentially tap new markets/demographics. The Switch Lite will debut on September 9, 2019 at a $199 price point. It's a handheld-only unit with attached joy cons and no TV compatibility.

At this price, it seems strip away all the facets that made the original Switch ground breaking. Drop it another $50 and I would consider it. The Switch sold itself on flexibility from handheld to living room TV and a variety of ways to play - from mobile multiplayer with detached joy cons to pro controllers on a big TV... and more. It's a uniquely flexible console. But taking away the TV and control options makes it very different from the Switch.

Personally, I like the Switch and enjoy it's varied options on the go and at home. The Switch Lite doesn't appeal to me because of the ways I like to play. To be honest, I am shocked by the number of people who never dock their Switch to play on a TV! The Lite version is perfect for them.

The $199 Lite is too pricey as a little-kids alternative.
I've heard a lot of folks saying it's great for little kids much like the 3DS versus 2DS. I don't agree with that. I love my 2DS and bought it because I didn't care for the 3D effect. As it turned out, the 2DS is a robust and inexpensive alternative, which I think is great for the little tikes. Jumping from a $79 2DS to a $199 Switch Lite may not be the best alternative for little kids. I think it's a high price for a unit that offers much less flexibility. The 2DS is much more similar to the 3DS that theWitch Lite is to the original Switch. Again, drop it $50 and I'll reconsider.

I see a lot of complaints and I'll bet a lot of them are simply those who'd rather save $100 regardless of features. The toxicity of the complaints put most of them in the unworthy category. People just like to complain. For me the features that have been removed are too important to me and it's pricey. But those who love handhelds should flock to this version. Maybe it's a secondary device to take to the beach or places you don't want to ruin a $300 console.

I'm not in the market for Switch Lite, but I think there is a demand for such a version. As it's price inevitability drops, I wonder if we'll see more custom/themed releases like the former Nintendo handelds. Of course we will!

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