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June 2019 Retro Gaming Article

June 28, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook, has over 90 recipes inspired by Overwatch's heroes and world

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook, has over 90 recipes
I've never wondered what Bastion might eat in his off time, but this cookbook attempts to offer answers.
Author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has written several cookbooks similar to her upcoming (October 1, 2019) Overwatch: The Official Cookbook. Each one relies mostly on clever naming and descriptions to liken various meals to Game Of Thrones or World Of Warcraft. It's a fun idea if like to cook and have exhausted all other fandoms items. Get a cookbook!

I think my culinary interests might align more with a classic gaming cookbook. But would Joust inspire an ostrich recipe or can we really know what Galagans like to eat? How about all those humanoids running around the cities of Defender - what sort of food do they like while avoiding Landers?

The truth is, I'm not imaginative enough to pull off such a tome. Overwatch: The Official Cookbook sounds like good quirky fun and adds a creative outlet for those trying to pair the perfect snack with their gaming session. It will be out this Fall for about $35 for the hardcover release... keep an eye out.

Below are a few recipes from Chelsea Monroe-Cassel's Overwatch cookbook.

Orisa Sundae recipe Overwatch: The Official Cookbook - Orisa Sundae recipe.
Radioactive Lemon-Lime Soda Float recipe Overwatch: The Official Cookbook - Radioactive Lemon-Lime Soda Float recipe.

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