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November 2019 Retro Gaming Article

November 15, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Motorola is bringing back the Razr flip-phone, in 2020, as a folding smartphone

At $1,499 and foldability, I can do without it, but I'd love to see another season of The Simple Life.
Motorola is bringing back the Razr Motorola used to be a force in the cellular world. These days the iPhone is all the rage with Samsung repping the house of Android. Gone are the days of cool phones. They're all rectangles full of Tweets and Snaps. Ugh!

Neo's Nokia 8110 slide out from The Matrix had people scrambling. Phones all look the same. Cars all look the same. Movies are all boots. We live in a world devoid of originality and risks. Everyone wants to go with proven concepts rather than take a risk.

There won't be any awards fro originality, but Motorola is bringing back the Razr flip-phone in 2020. For $1499, I'll pass, but some of that cost comes from the "foldability" of the screen. I guess the satisfaction-meter won't hit 100% until I've got a Trinitron in my pocket. Folding phone screens seem about as necessary as 3D tV - and look how fast we wrote that tech off.

Phones today cost more than a laptop, which is hysterical because most phones are crappy computers and equally awful as phones. They're sort of like amphibious cars - they seem great until they fill with water.

There's a growing trend among smartphone addicts that's causing an increase in non-smartphones. Some folks are trying to break the screen-to-face addiction by purchasing an old-school type of phone to use in emergencies, not Tweets and selfies. That's the kind of Razr I'd like to see. Taking a popular model like the Razr and stuffing a folding smartphone inside it kind of ruins the retro vibe for me. Once they kill the blast-from-the-past element, I'm not as interested.

Gimme a 3W bag-phone! Now that wold pique my retro interest! :)

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