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August 7, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Pizza Hut to close 500 locations that once used to be destinations - with a video game or two

Pizza Hut is closing 500 locations
When I was a kid Pizza restaurants were destinations with arcade games and a welcoming vibe.
Pizza Hut announced upcoming closure of five hundred locations. The idea of Pizza Hut closing so many locations makes me reevaluate my dining choices and look at what really attracts me to a restaurant. The chain was founded in 1968 and has over 18,000 locations worldwide! As a kid I loved Pizza Hut and Shakeys Pizza. They had more going on than just eating pizza. It was a destination - they had a few arcade games!

Pizza Hut logo The hallmark of a good pizza place is it's dine-in attributes. Over time, many restaurants have updated their look and tried to modernize, but in doing so... have they equated "modern" with cold and uninviting?

Most pizza restaurants seem to flourish on take-out and delivery. The dine-in crowd has moved on. Or were they repelled? The average pizza joint in today's world is not focused on their dining area - and it shows. I"m sure they need to compete with a slew of delivery apps, but why are people ordering out?

Should Pizza Restaurants Become Destinations Similar To Changes Retailers Have Made?

Retailers are discovering that competing with online sellers involves change. They should adapt their stores to become destinations. No longer can retailers survive with a brick and mortar location that does nothing but ring up sales. People shop in their slippers and bathrobes from home. Give them a reason to go to your store!

I won't say video games could save Pizza Hut, but if there was a Pac-Man or Defender arcade cabinet in the corner, I'd eat there all the time. A buddy and I (as teenagers) spent hours eating in a local pizza parlor because they had a cocktail-style Tempest game. We kept ordering slices and Cokes until we ran out of money.

I know I live in the past, but that was the sort of draw that got me to dine out. I can eat well at home and I enjoy doing so. Dining out has to involve more than just food. Entertain me in some manner (video games).

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