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November 2019 Retro Gaming Article

November 5, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Jeff Minter took the cult-level status of Polybius and created a kickass tunnel shooter

If you're familiar with Minter's work, then you'll be stoked to know Polybius is coming to physical media for PS4, via LRG
Jeff Minter's Polybius on physical media From Tempest 2000 on Atari's Jaguar to countless titles under Llamasoft, Jeff Minter's games are amazing. He has an amazing command of his games from code to the screen, creating immersive inspiring games. In 2017 he released Polybius for PS4 and included PSVR support, meaning it's compatible with VR, but doesn't require it.

He often puts in special add-ons, the first I heard of was support for a rotary dial on the Jaguar version of T2K. Neither Atari or third parties ever released a dial (spinner) controller for the Jag, but hackers added them to Pro Controllers and Minter's code gave them life! Clever guy...

Limited Fun Games is bringing this gem to physical media for the PS4. If you have the VR setup, this could be sweet, however Minter never settles which nearly guarantees you'll love the game on the plain old PS4 too! Great music and a fun retro style!

The Urban Legend of Polybius

It sounds sinister, but even the urban legend - never proven nor debunked - is about an arcade game. Polybius was rumored to have appeared in arcades in the Portland area around the beginning of 2000. It appeared much the way games do when being field-tested. I've not heard much about the game's actual content or even what kind of game it was, but it was said to be very addictive. So addictive, that kids were literally going insane - literally.

Fueling the conspiracy theories was mention of men in black coming to off-load info from the game. Some say they were taking the high-score names. With no proof of any of this, the tale has been passed down as a fun urban legend to debate among gamers. Others allege that the FBI raided area arcades looking for signs of gambling. All good legends have bits of truth woven into odd stories.

The only thing we now is the legend still attracts attention and now that there's a slick shooter attached to the Polybius name created by a legendary game designer... well, now there's even more reason to talk about it. Grab a copy from LRG - great game with all the expected wildly vivid imagery of a Llamasoft creation.

Jeff Minter's Polybius screenshot

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