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October 2019 Retro Gaming Article

October 24, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As we wait for info about the Atari VCS console, we discover Atari doesn't even understand Pong

Atari doesn't really understand Pong
Pong is not like Asteroids. You don't get a high score... you either win or lose. Atari has clearly lost.
Atari has been taking a casual convo approach to social media lately. They don't bolster their development of the new VCS. They don't discuss game titles or developers. Instead, they completely ignore their $3 million backed project - shipping in December - to ask offbeat questions of their social media followers.

Today they asked folks for their high scores on Pong. Pong?!? Yes, Pong.

The best answer was "11." I'm sure there are various iterations of Atari's infamous arcade game, but you don't get high scores! You play to a pre-determined score and whoever gets there first is the winner. Defender has high scores. Berzerk has high scores. Missile Command has high scores. Pong does not. Wake up, Atari!

As funny as this seems, it's an awful reflection on Atari. It would seem Atari doesn't even understand the IPs they allegedly manage. As backers of the Atari VCS console get angry about the insane lack of information, Atari keeps showing signs of ignorance that make one wonder what's going on over there.

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