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September 10, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

They've posted and deleted this message from their social accounts, so what is Atari's pro gamer move?

More ambiguous messaging from Atari. It would seem their pro gamer move is... confusion.
Each time this obtuse message appears on one of Atari's social media accounts, confusion ensues. Pro Gamer Move? Who's six-year-old nephew told them about this phrase? More importantly - what does it mean? And why re-post if when it only gets deleted a day later?

The comment sections get whacky with folks interpreting what they consider "classic favorites" and "All " of them.

I imagine this is an attempt to appease the gamers they've pissed off with their monotonous renders of the VCS console, the lack of details about the launch games - aside from Atari Vault titles - and the non-existent developer list. But this is such an open-ended statement, it has no meaning. It's laden with interpretation.

It's a poor way to deal with the customers that collectively paid over $3 million to Atari for a modern VCS game console. This sort of marketing BS is another reason I suspect the VCS still has plenty of disappointment in store for it's backers. I'm one of them, by the way. I ordered a classic joystick.

If Atari can't convey a simple message to backers, how can we expect them to deliver a viable game console?

Atari's ambiguous messaging

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