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November 2019 Retro Gaming Article

November 7, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Jenny Lewis traveled across the country to “Video Armageddon”, in The Wizard, and later fronted Rilo Kiley

The Wizard staring Jenny Lewis
This film is laden with NES products and mirrors the infamous Nintendo World Championship. It also stars Jenny Lewis who later founded Rilo Kiley!
Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley The Wizard (1989) is one of those classic 80's films that's chock full of nostalgia. It's like a long Advertisement for Nintendo NES products - but in a good way. Never achieving critical acclaim, The Wizard went on to be a cult-classic, loved by gamers and nerds alike.

We still love The Wizard and love to add it to a retro film weekend binge. It's as much fun today as it was all those decades ago. As time passed Fred Savage and Christian Slater went on to other film and TV projects. What about Jenny Lewis who played Haley Brooks and meets up with the boys as they travel to ward California for Video Armageddon?

I should have realized this long ago, but Jenny Lewis went on to front the alt rock band, Rilo Kiley! Not sure how I missed this connection back in 1998 when the band formed. I even have a few of their albums. After disbanding in 2014, Lewis went on to release four solo albums.

I still get a kick out of seeing Christian Slater in Mr. Robot, but it's cool as Hell that Jenny Lewis went on to be a rock star!

Rilo Kiley band

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