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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 14, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ring Fit Adventure looks a lot more interesting than many will probably admit

Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch
Tricking gamers into becoming more fit seems like a good idea... for those of us who abhor sit-ups and gyms.
Ring Fit Adventure adds some human motion into gaming. It gets you off the couch! Comprised of a flexible ring to which you attach one Joy Con and a leg strap for the other one - you are the controller now! Jumping and running - along with a host of other motions - are achieved via the ring and motion of your legs. Running is no longer done by holding down the D-pad... YOU run (in place).

This game will get you moving or you can use it as a workout tool!
Nintendo doesn't want to be like the other game companies. They don't want to emulate their competitors. They like to go down their own path. Living in a world of lemmings and followers, it's hard for a lot of people to see the value in being unique or different. We all know what the PS5 controller will look like. A lot of people thought the Switch's Joy Cons were rather odd... until they tried them.

Nintendo puts a lot of thought into their products. They don't always hit the mark, but they aren't satisfied with simply replicating what worked in the past. They look far into the future.

LABO was met with morons trying to infer that Nintendo was selling random cardboard. I feel Ring Fit Adventure will be met with similar idiocy by those who love the familiarity of PlayStation controllers and can't fathom anything different.

Why I like Ring Fit Adventure

The Wii Fit Board was pretty cool if you're into fitness, but wasn't strong on the gaming side of things. I'm sure more people enjoy platformers and FPS style games, but diversity is what makes it all so much more fun. Ring Fit Adventure seems to be inserting fitness into games. For lack of a better term, it tries to trick you into moving about rather than sitting stationary as your fingers dance across the controller.

I'll admit to being something of a couch-potato and am open to using gaming to add a bit of fitness into my routine. I've tried Just Dance - mostly because Black Pink was on the 2019 edition (bought if for the Wii too). However, its format is obviously motion/fitness oriented. Ring Fit Adventure seems to mask the fitness elements a bit more.

Sure this whole arguent is ridiculous. I'm an adult and know I should exercise more. Debating whether Nintendo can trick me into being fit is dumb. However, there's an element of reality in this and I think I might enjoy an adventure game with a finess element rather than a fitness game with a gaming element. For this reason, I think focusing on the game, not fitness may be a great help to many gamers.

I like that the ring has many facets from it's form to moving it around as well as the leg-strap that allows simulated running. It even has a "quiet" mode so you don't have to stomp loudly to play. Additionally, it also has a fitness mode for those who just want an exercise coach without the gaming element. Seems like a well-rounded product. I like it. I'm getting this!

My only complaint from watching it's explanatory video is the character. Your character is dressed in gym clothes with a headband. That's not how we dress for an adventure. The gym is not an adventure. Maybe that's just one character option, but if I'm getting fit on an adventure, give me a more Hobbit-like appearance. :)

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