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October 18, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo's fitness app, Ring Fit, launched and I want to play Namco Museum with it

I like the concept of Ring Fit, but fear there won't be enough diverse games to keep it fun while masking the underlying fitness element.
I'm excited about Nintendo's Ring Fit. Who's better than Nintendo at concocting crazy control-schemes that turn out to be pretty cool? With the fifth version of the PlayStation arriving with another same-old-controller, you have to admire the variety of controllers in the Nintendo stable.

Nintendo's fitness app, Ring Fit As I see it, Ring Fit can be used as an exercise routine or as a game that helps fool you into following an exercise routine. I fall into the later category. I want to become involved in a cool game that lets me forget I'm exercising. I'm sure there's no universal compatibility, so I can't use Ring Fit to play Pac-Man, but I hope Nintendo will put enough games behind this device to let it grow.

As an example, one of my complaints about Skylanders was they only released one game with each new set of characters. Activision could have easily put two or three games behind each set. Like the Swap-Force characters that were so unique compared with the others. More games!

The Ring Fit pack-in game seems to have some diversity, but if it's the only title supporting the Ring Fit, it'll be in the WalMart clearance area in three months. Thus I'm hoping Nintendo will put enough behind it to entice third parties to develop for it.

If you look at LABO, it's already been clearanced out and I don't foresee any additional games coming out for it. It was fun, but the fun is over... i guess. I still want the VR model. Looks very cool!

As someone who could use a good excuse to get up and move a bit more - I need to be more active - Ring Fit is quite appealing to me. If I can delve into a game that also gives me some exercise, that's great. Alas, most initial games for experimental ideas... well, they often suck and cause good hardware to go unused and the revenue model falters. I'm stoked to give Ring Fit a whirl!

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