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June 24, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

More Arcades should utilize Space Invaders Frenzy's advertising feature during attract-mode

This game can display up to three different images during attract-mode!
Raw Thrills built a pretty cool feature into Space Invaders Frenzy. With it's large screen, wouldn't you love to be able to use the game's attract-mode to showcase your arcade or advertise a special? You can! There's a page in the instruction manual detailing the specs and settings.

I've seen only one arcade utilize this feature, but all they did was put their own logo on-screen. It's a cool effect on the big screen, but as a barcade with a restaurant, I'm sure there are some meal specials that could be listed!

We have a restaurant/bowling/arcade place with a Space Invaders Frenzy and they could get so many uses out of this advertising mode. They have meal specials all the time as well as events, even live music. That big Raw Thrills screen could be doing a lot of good for the business.

Space Invaders frenzy advertising mode

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