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June 12, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Square Enix will release this crazy blue Dragon Quest slime controller in the Fall for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest slime controller for Nintendo Switch
This odd lump of a controller has previously graces Sony systems.Now it's Nintendo's turn.
The Dragon Quest Slime controller is back and this time it's for the Switch. When I saw this thing, I wanted it. Seems like a pretty standard reaction to a crazy controller - Must Have! However, I didn't know it was a thing. It's happened before.

It seems there was a similar Slime controller for the PS2 and again for the PS4. While it is now Switch-bound, it is only confirmed for Japan. Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is confirmed for North America, there's been no mention of the Slime controller coming this way too. The game releases September 27, so we'll have to wait and see if news of this lump of a controller will come to our Switch as well. It is designed and manufactured by Hori.

Dragon Quest slime controller stand
I love odd controllers. I picked up the wired mini for the PS4 and love the GameCube style controllers for Switch. Of course nothing was more odd than the N64 controller and think about how revolutionary the Wii controllers were - wireless with a wired nunchuk. Crazy cool! So, yeah... the Slime Controller is right up my Alley :)

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