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May 14, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This Space Invaders board game adds strategy and integrates a deck of cards to help battle invaders

Space Invaders board game
This game has some interesting elements that make it more engaging as a competitive game of survival.
Back in the 80s the tidal wave of video game craze saw a wide array of awful tie-in products seeking to cash in on the success of iconic games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. This even resulted in simplistic board games. Recently I've tried a few video game inspired board games and they just don't have the allure of other board games I enjoy.

612 Entertainment looks to be creating an engaging board game that plays like a board game without trying to be a video game. They are crowd funding a board game based on Taito's iconic video game from 1978 - Space invaders, on Kickstarter.

Substituting the video game's manic speed for strategic gameplay.
The frantic fun of video games can't be captured in a board game, but that isn't to say the essence of Space Invaders can't be captured and expanded in different ways to become an engaging board game.

Using a combination of familiar elements to the video game, a deck of custom cards are introduced to let players gain intel on the approaching invaders. Already this game is more sophisticated than many video game board games.

I get a good vibe from the gameplay description and how the cards are used to enter a nice strategic element. This sounds like a fun game and this Kickstarter version will apparently one of the last product granted the "40th Anniversary" logo by Taito. Browse their kickstarter campaign and see if this is a project you'd want to support.

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