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April 15, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After repeatedly reading about Wii U games at Five Below, I finally found some

As a five-dollars per item "dollar store" these StarFox bundles were only $5 at my local Five Below!
I'd never visited a Five Below store until they began advertising wheel barrows full of amiibo late last year. For $5 each, it was a pretty good deal. Lately I've read numerous posts of people finding Wii U games at Five Below. On several Occasions I stopped by to check this out and left empty handed. No Wii U games.

On a lark, I stopped by today and discovered a few copies of StarFox Zero For Wii U. I already have this game, but it was the bundled version, in a cardboard box, along with the StarFox Guard game. I'd never seen this bundle before and scooped up two of them - one for my son. It had been nagging me that I wasn't finding games at my local Five Below, so today's venture felt good - lol. I love a good price!

StarFox Zero bundle at Five Below

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