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April 2019 Retro Gaming Article

April 6, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Toys-To-Life genre ended, but Ubisoft attempted to bring it back via Starlink - now canceling the toys

Ubisoft tried to revive toys-for-life with Starlink
Ubisoft's Starlink is a cool game, but didn't need the physical figures and now they've canceled the toy portion of the game's future.
Even putting Starfox into the mix for Nintendo's Switch couldn't save the previously shelved concept of toys-to-life. Ubisoft persisted with their 2018 release of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Ubisoft has jus announced they will stop creating toys for the game. It sounds as though the game will sill receive updates, but the coming toys have been cancelled.

I think parents and gamers around the globe are relieved by not having another game to collect for. To be honest, I felt Lego was too late to the game when Dimensions came out in September 2015. It was cancelled two years later. Skylanders created the genre and did very well with it - and knew when to jump ship.

My son and I dutifully collected all the Skylanders to unlock their upgrades and stomp our way through the levels. We loved it. He was the perfect age for this franchise when it came out in 2011. By the time it was winding down in 2017 - he was over it. By this time Disney Infinity was over as was Lego's entry Dimensions.

The 2018 holiday season saw Ubisoft bringing Starlink to market. It seemed to be a revival of the toys-to-life genre, but it was getting a lot of hype. I rushed out and bought it at great expense (big mistake). By the time Christmas arrived it was slashed to half-price and below. The good news is it's a good game. The figures accompanying it seem rather unnecessary, but the game is good fun.

Give this game a try. The starter pack with the game and initial figures is heavily discounted.

Ubisoft tried to revive toys-for-life with Starlink

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