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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 20, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With zero fanfare, Best Buy had each of the Switch Lite colors stocked on it's bottom shelves

Nintendo Switch Lite at Best Buy
It's surprising how small the Switch Lite box is when you don't have to include a dock
It's here! The Nintendo Switch Lite! At $199 it's an interesting option if you have no desire to play games on a TV. I'm surprised by the statistics indicating a large number of Switch owners use it exclusively as a handeld and don't play games on a larger TV screen.

The console a bit smaller and the box is downright tiny by comparison. The Joy Cons are built in and it plays all the Switch games that work in handheld mode. The entire concept flys in the face of "Switching" from handheld to living room TV, but I guess the console is established enough to drop such formalities.

As far as Best Buys' release-day non-celebration... At the very least, most release days at Best Buy involve a table set up near the entrance, showcasing the new product and every conceivable accessory. The Switch Lite was dumped on a bottom shelf at the back of the store. I've seen larger promotions for a DVD release! I guess Nintendo didn't want to fork over Best Buy's "paid placement" fee.

This makes me wonder if it's really a financial issue or if Best Buy doesn't expect to sell many of them, so they are relegated to the lower shelves with no promotion. It's quite odd.

Nintendo Switch Lite at Best Buy Nintendo's Switch Lite at Best Buy... sitting on the bottom shelf, with very little visibility.
Nintendo Switch Lite at Best Buy Sitting on a shelf, these Switch Lite boxes (in three colors: yellow, gray, and turquoise) blended right in with the 2DS boxes.

For me, I'm quite happy with my switch serving double duty from TV to handheld. However, on the run, I prefer bringing my 2DS along. Perhaps I'm just more accustomed to it as a portable, but at the same time, I don't want to drop a $300 console on the ground. Given the chance, I'd totally drop it.

I think the 3DS line of games are often better suited to short bursts on the run, while Switch titles seem to demand more committed time. It may simply be the way I'm accustomed to gaming. Still love my 2DS and my Switch is King of my living room. If you want a slightly smaller Switch at a lower price for handheld gaming the Lite version seems pretty cool.

Nintendo Switch Lite

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