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June 16, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

On a quest for a favored music format, I reached self-realization as my kitchen fell to heart-shaped confetti

Taylor Swift CD single of Me
I loved the CD Singles section in Tower Records, so I couldn't pass up a CD-single of Taylor Swift's latest single!
Browsing around Twitter, I discovered Taylor Swift was selling her latest single, Me, as a CD-single. I loved that format and ordered it as a fan of Taylors and the CD single concept. It wasn't to ship for several weeks, but I could wait. When it arrived, I realized I must be pretty far out on the fringe of her fanbase...

I've long had a craving for CD Singles by my fave artists.
Back in the day, I used to scoff at the notion of a Cassingle - one lone song on a cassette tape. It seemed wasteful. Kind of dumb even. However when the digital revolution arrived and CD-Singles came on the scene, I was hooked. My local Tower Records had a whole section dedicated to them. There was something quirky and cool about these singles that captivated me. Whenever a song I liked appeared in this format, I was all over it.

I'm Not Really A Swiftie

As a kid, I quickly realized I loved music that many of my friends were not into. My first love was Kiss, and Aerosmith followed soon after. I discovered Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Van Halen. Hard rock and metal electrified me. The heavy riffs and blistering guitar solos mesmerized me. Having taken piano lessons, I was ready to try guitar. I wanted to rock, as Dee Snider was in the habit of saying.

As a teen in the 80s, I was down for all the hair-metal and craziness that came with that era. At the same time, New Wave came on the scene and it had a similar effect on me, but was a much different style of music. Through WPGC, WPLJ and WLIR my musical taste expanded and exploded. Through all the hard rock, Madonna really caught my attention and took me down a pop path that conflicted drastically with my passion for Motley Crue and Black Sabbath, but it all fit in.

As I choked on heart-shaped confetti, it began covering my kitchen! Why Taylor, why?
As I aged, many of my favorite metal bands kept at it. Many groups I loved as a kid are still rocking arenas today! And 80s music has passed the test of time. As Madonna introduced me to Pop, I began to take interest in similar artists (along with Iron Maiden and Ratt). I discovered Taylor Swift when she was still considered a country artist. When she shifted gears with the release of "1989" I was hooked, but still loved the Scorpions.

A Self-Realization

Then my package arrives! I'm stoked to have another CD-single for the collection - from 2019 no less - and from an artist I really like. It was sort of like buying Just Dance 2019 for the Wii. It's out for Switch, but also for the Wii. Had to have the Wii version!

I tear open the padded envelope, reach in, and pull out the two jewel cases. But something is wrong. Like a swarm of insects, it flutters through the air, covering my kitchen counter. All around my feet - it's everywhere. HEART-SHAPED CONFETTI! WTF!!!

Oh Shit! This stuff's gonna clog my vacuum!
My every move sends more of this detritus further from ground-zero where I opened the package. It's not stopping. There's a lot of it. This is a mess. This is going to clog my vacuum. Why did this happen to me? Will it ever stop? Multi-colored hearts are all over my kitchen. It was at this point that I realized how far removed I am from Taylor Swift's fanbase.

I'm sure most of her fans would go nuts over heart-confetti raining down from their new purchase. I went nuts wondering if my shop-vac was still functioning. In the end I was able to corral Taylor's confetti and pleased that Jeff Bezos doesn't do this to me. Still a fan of Taylor Swift, love the new CD-single, and Def Leppard still puts out great Studio albums. The world is OK.

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