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April 2019 Retro Gaming Article

April 26, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Taylor Swift had an RPG-like Easter Egg hunt across social media, in the weeks preceding 4/26

Taylor Swift's TS7 clues
Taylor Swift leaving clues throughout social media kind of suggests the Switfies need an RPG on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.
Is Taylor Swift super-clever or are her fans all about a good conspiracy theory? I get the feeling TayTay and a couple of Swifties could defeat an Escape Room in a matter of minutes.

Taylor Swift's TS7 clues The lead-up to April 26 - when she released her latest single, Me - involved clues or stuff or suggestive imagery about an upcoming event. The length of "The Story of Us" is 4:26 (April 26?) is the seventh song on her Speak Up album and the only song on Spotify without the unique background image. There were seven palm trees. Sitting on the seventh stair. Are Mulder and Scully deciphering any of this?

This is so close to an RPG requiring the pink key on level 4 to open the red door on level 26. Her game played out into a variety of wild speculations from a new album to a wedding. Her fans clearly enjoy deciphering her every move in search of morsels of information.

Other celebrities have stared in video games, where's Taylor's Revenge for PSVR? Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus (as Hanna) have their own games as well as all the DDR, Guitar Hero, and Just Dance titles arranged around multiple bands. Even Journey had "Journey Escape on the Atari 2600 back in 1983!

It's time Taylor's fans get some sort of manic code-breaking, collection game. And we're not talking about a simplistic mobile game cash-grab. Lets see a real console game. After the hunt that occurred to figure out what the 26th had to offer, there needs to be a quality puzzle game set in Taylor's world of cats, snakes, and defeating Kanye. Better hurry devs... Black Pink might dominate gaming as part of their global take-over!

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