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August 9, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Taylor Swift's Vogue interview showcased her power and savvy causing Kid Rock to dispense his special blend of stupid

Taylor Swift's Vogue cover
Once she achieved success, power came with it and a lot of men can't handle that... like Kid Rock.
Whether you like Taylor Swift's music or not, take a few minutes to read her interview in Vogue as it casts her in a much more realistic manner than social media. People are so quick to judge and love to dispense hate at the slightest provocation. Taylor Swift is a pretty remarkable person who has a creative ability far above most artists of any genre. She's a smart lady who doesn't always come off that way and that has caused her a lot of stress.

It's interesting to see how many men were eager to capitalize on her growing success when she was a sweet country lass with good song writing chops. But those same men were very threatened by the same country lass when her success enabled her to sell out stadiums, earn millions, and use her power for good. Suddenly she was a pariah. When she wielded the power to pull her songs from online streamers or change the way her concert tickets were sold, those men didn't like what they saw.

They couldn't control her and that scared them. Scared people do petty mean things and Swift was on the receiving end of a lot of jealousy.

The latest bout with a jealous moron came from Kid Rock who out of the blue made crude allegations. I initially liked his music, his vibe, and the genre he carved fro himself. Then he went the "ted nugent route" and became a right-wing voice of self righteous idiocy. People really need to calm down.

Kid Rock is so obviously jealous of Tayor Switf's success

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