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June 20, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop is streamlining operations by shuttering ThinkGeek's website and offering products on one site

GameStop is closing ThinkGeek's website
ThinkGeek's site-wide sale is paring down inventory until items are offered on the GameStop website.
It's no secret that GameStop is in trouble as are many brick & mortar retailers. In an effort to diversify into the collectables market, they acquired ThinkGeek in 2015 and we've all seen their stores incorporate ThinkGeek merchandise into GameStop stores.

All this time, ThinkGeek has has it's own website and presumably it's own commerce setup. In an effort to streamline operations, GameStop is shutting down on July 2nd and will be selling product from the GameStop website.

The part I'm not clear about is how much ThinkGeek merch will be available through GameStop. Will all the merch be available or just a portion? Most of the GameStop locations I've seen are quite small and have very little room for any additional products. It's hard to imagine the average GameStop can offer more ThinkGeek merch at their physical locations. That leaves me wondering how much will be available online. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

As much as gameStop frequently infuriates me, they are quite unique in their used game inventory. A lot of folks seem indifferent about the retailer's future, but I would miss them greatly. While I know there are other outlets for used games, GameStop is quite convenient.

ThinkGeek merchandise

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