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May 31, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As the Tomb Raider games progressed, I hadn't realized how stark the improvements have been between movies

Tomb Raider movies
The movies are quite different from Angelina to Alicia. We've seen the video games get better, but there are so few films.
It's been interesting to see the Tomb Raider video games progress over the years. The first one I played was on the original Playstation and the latest one I've seen is on the PS4. Lara's adventures have been more frequent on game consoles than the in movies. So, we've seen a very noticeable change in the games over the years, but the change is more stark with a 14-year divide between films.

I loved the first Tomb Raider film from 2001 and was tolerant of the 2003 sequel. It's hard to recall 14 years had flown by when the re-boot with Alicia Vikander hit theaters. There were a few stragglers in between, but didn't chart well in theaters. The later film seems to have amped up the action in a big way. I wonder if this is similar to improvements in video game tech that make this film seem much more vibrant and full of action. With fewer Tomb Raider films, we don't see the many gradual improvements, as with the videogames. it feels like it's all at once.

Seems logical to assume film techniques advance similar to the way game consoles are more capable and afford an improved experience today. I"m sure movie tech has grown vastly over the years that elapsed between Tomb Raider movies. It's an interesting comparison because there have been so few movies, but quite a few Lara Croft games have come to market from console to mobile. It's practically a meme how angular the characters were on the PS1 and how curvy (shall we say) they are in more recent games.

The video games have been fun and I'm glad they kept going and developing despite the films lagging behind. However, the 2017 reboot of the original certainly made up for it. I hope Lara Croft remains a vibrant character in more video games and films.

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