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February 2019 Retro Gaming Article

February 13, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Monday's press release touts a Toys R Us resurgence by former management as TRU Kids Brands

Toys R Us resurgence by former management as TRU Kids Brands
Even if they pull this off, you'll only find retail locations in select areas. Being huge takes time and money - lots of both!
Toys R Us resurgence by former management as TRU Kids Brands After tales of Geoffrey's Toy Box pop-up shops in Krogers and other locations, I began to wonder what a Toys R Us resurgence would entail. I can think of a half-dozen Starbucks within a mile or so of my job. I live in a fairly remote area that isn't often the target of retailers setting up shop. None the less, we did have a local Toys R Us.

Apparently the new company, TRU Kids Brands, rose from former properties and trademarks of Toys R Us with right to develop new stores. Headquartered in New Jersey, a recent press release laid out TRU Kids Brands as a parent company to Toys R Us and Babies R Us, among others. They slyly hint at a "comeback" by next holiday season. We shall see.

Even if they bounced back tomorrow, building out retail stores would be a long process.
In the months after going into bankruptcy, I felt the management team did very little to save the company. They approved large "retention bonuses" for key players and let the company fade away. I think they let it go to shed some baggage in order to restart. So, it's no surprise that previous management are part of the new TRU Kids Brands.

Not The Toys R Us You Remember

Over the last few years, the former TRU built up a lot of bad will among toy manufacturers who went unpaid as the product they had shipped to TRU was sold for pennies on the dollar during liquidation. That was a liquidation of over 700 US stores. And now they're back?

Even if this comes to fruition, you're not likely to see a TRU Kids store in your area. Expansion would be slow. My area would likely not see a location open up for years. I loved Toys R US. I grew up with them and so did my son. This resurrection is alluring, but I wonder if they can come back and still offer a wide breadth of merchandise. Their wide array of toys was what kept my attention. I doubt this new incarnation would offer such breadth.

Despite skepticism, I'd like to see them return in a profitable and beneficial manner. However, we heard the same news about Kay Bee Toys and then... nothing. Time will tell...

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