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June 23, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After 25 years, Digital Illusions' Ultracore video game will be available on a Genesis cartridge as well as Switch and PS4

DICE's Ultracore game for Genesis
Old games are usually re-released for modern consoles, but Strictly Limited Games is also releasing a Genesis version of Ultracore!
Originally known as Hardcore in 1994, this video game by Swedish developer Digital Illusions (DICE) was nearly complete and gaming magazines were running articles about it's release. It was planned for Amiga, Sega Genesis, and Sega CD, but as Sony's PlayStation neared release, the game was suddenly cancelled and presumed lost in the decades following.

DICE's Ultracore game for Genesis Decades later, Strictly Limited Games has resurrected the game and brought it back for both modern consoles and the Sega Genesis - under the name Ultracore! SLG is maintaining the authenticity of the game by developing it with Sega Mega Drive development hardware and then porting it to modern consoles.

I recently purchased R-Type Dimensions EX from SLG and am anxious to see how Ultracore turns out on the Switch. But the truly amazing facet is the Genesis version on an actual game cart. Releases like this are truly a gift to the retro gaming community.

I've also heard Analogue's Mega SG FPGA-based Genesis clone may include Ultracore on it's console.

"Shades of Robocop, Metropolis, Terminator and Little House on the Prairie!" -Amiga Power, 1993

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