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October 2019 Retro Gaming Article

October 8, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari works diligently to put a better spin on VCS “Shit Show”

Atari VCS fail
“pre-production” can't be underway if your prototype is less than 30 days old! WTF!
This morning, Atari sent out a message to their email subscribers stating the VCS was in re-production. This seems to be in response to an article quickly circulating online claiming Atari only received the VCS prototype motherboard, this past September. Yes, less than 30 days ago.

I'm astounded by the idiocy surrounding the Atari VCS. An article from The Register details the exit of the lead architect, Rob Wyatt, who quit for lack of payment and reveals the prototype board was only received by Atari this past September. They've had the prototype for less than 30 days and they claim to be in Pre-Production!?! Shouldn't proof-of-concept come first?

There really aren't words for this whole project - described off the record by a developer, as a "shit show." And the ardent fans are the worst. Atari says they're in pre-production and they eat it up as though the consoles are being loaded on a truck for delivery. I will be stunned if this console is ever delivered to any indiegogo backer. And you will never see an Atari VCS on a retail shelf. NEVER!

It's Hard To Be A Fan After This Failed Campaign

It still pains me to be this harsh on Atari, but the game company I fell in love with in the 70s is long gone. The new owners are ill-equipped to maintain Atari's former glory and have tainted it's name. As much as I complain about the mismanagement of this project from tech to PR, I'm in it too. I'm backer #6,383 having backed the project for one of their funky new classic joysticks. I hope they can deliver, but all signs point to the same dismal outcome as their former hardware offerings. Abandoned upon failure.

Atari VCS board
From Atari's email about the VCS' status on October 8:
Hello Backers, Fans, and Followers!

Things have gotten really exciting around the Atari offices and in the Atari VCS engineering lab. We know people are talking about our big Antstream Arcade announcement, but the PCB board photo we shared triggered plenty of its own conversation and speculation as well. While we definitely have plans to follow-up the Antstream partnership with more news about games and content, we will now shift the conversation back to the status of the Atari VCS hardware. Jump over to Medium and check out our newest Atari VCS Developer Blog to find the latest on the development process as we rapidly approach mass production. We have lots of new photos and illustrations to share, and hope that you find the latest peek behind the scenes interesting.

We can't believe we need to say it again, but backers please complete your BackerKit surveys! There are way too many of you who still need to do this. Save yourselves the frustration; find one of the many emails from BackerKit or just go to and request your survey. Your survey and backer profile is the single best way to ensure that the right products get sent to the right place at the right time. Please do not confuse this with your Indiegogo profile, which is different.

Thanks again for your ongoing support!

- The Atari VCS Team

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