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January 27, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If a Wallcade is a less expensive bar-top version of the Arcade1Up ¾ arcade games, I'd be quite interested

Wallcades from Arcade1Up
While I feel the current line is ideal for casual gamers, this smaller mountable / bar-top version may widen it's appeal.
The folks at Arcade1Up made a curious post on social media regarding a seemingly smaller version of their ¾ scale arcade cabinets. The Wallcade doesn't appear on their website yet, but it seems to be a smaller version, suitable for bar-top or wall mounting. It sounds like there may be less construction involved for customers.

For me the original line-up was too small to be used as a stand-up arcade, but too large to be tucked away. I'm a fan of full size cabinets with rock-solid arcade hardware. The demo units at WalMart always seemed broken and complaints ran rampant on social media. For $300, I wasn't convinced it was the right product for me. As a bar-top game, with a lesser cost, I would give it another serious look.

I'm excited to learn more about Wallcades and see if they are closer to the home arcade experience I crave. I like their product line, but it just isn't right for me. I'm eager to see the specs and pricing for the Wallcade line from Arcade1Up!

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