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July 29, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If your arcade has a World's Largest Pac-Man game, it can be upgraded to also play Galaga

World's Largest Pac-Man game plays Galaga too
Pulled from the initial release, Galaga is a free update to any World's Largest Pac-Man game!
On several occasions I've seen one of those impressive World's Largest Pac-Man games at an arcade. While more of a Space Invader's Frenzy fan (on enormous LED displays) I was certain I saw a Galaga screen in the attract mode. The idea of Galaga on one of these large screens is very enticing, but I've never been able to find a way to play it.

World's Largest Galaga Out of frustration, I did a bit of digging to figure out the Galga connection to these World's Largest Pac-Man games. Arcade heroes has a good explanation that pans out the more I read up on this oddity. Originally shown in 2015 as World's Largest Pac-Man & Friends, it featured both Pac-Man and Galaga. Apparently Galaga was removed at launch in favor of a co-op version of Pac-Man.

There were rumors of a return of Galaga, but it didn't happen for a few years. As I understand it, Galaga is available as a free upgrade on any World's Largest Pac-Man game. Set-ups with the ability to play Galaga seem to have a game selection screen where you can select Pac-Man or Galaga.

One way to know if the game has been updated with Galaga, is to watch the attract mode screens. The high score screen will periodically appear for Pac-Man. If you see a high score screen for Galaga, you're all set - it's in there! Interestingly, the game can be run in Galaga only mode, eliminating the ability to play Pac-Man.

If Galaga isn't installed, tell your arcade operator to contact their game distributor about version 1.33. There may be a later version now with Galaga. This update Adds Galaga as well as a few bug fixes. Check the linked article above for the upgrade details outlined by Namco.

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