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April 29, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Indian Army bolsters tourism via Makalu-Barun National Park Yeti speculation

Yeti footprints
Something that looks like Yeti footprints is likely something else. Try Far Cry 4's Valley of Yetis DLC for all your Yeti thrills!
I saw this story on Twitter and it seems that some part of India's Army found large footprints with an enormous stride in the snow. As a child, I was fascinated by Yetis each winter until the season warmed upa n I switched back to Bigfoot.

Yeti footprints As an adult I wondered how many seasons of Finding Bigfoot could be televised without finding any evidence of anything. Animal Planet was able to broadcast 90 episodes (an astounding quantity) over nine seasons, thus proving the stupidity of their viewers. They never found anything even remotely conclusive.

There are a number of technologies used on satellites that would easily "notice" a large lone warm-blooded creature bounding through the snow. Fantasy is fun. That's why shows like The X-Files have large followings, but Mulder and Scully were not part of a documentary.

While the foot prints are mysterious, the best explanation from a trained military group should be a bit more sophisticated than, "it's a Yeti." Tumbling snow chunks from the mountains have created similar impressions in snow with a rhythmic cadence of footsteps. Let's consider that before an unknown beast.

It's worth noting that something you liken to "footprints" may actually be something else and doesn't instantly classify them as actual footprints. Envision something logical before announcing discovery of a snowbeast.

Yeti footprints tweet Fire up your PS4 and let Far Cry 4's Valley of Yetis DLC tame your need to believe in nonsense.

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