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June 2020 Retro Gaming Article

June 9, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The trailer for Bill and Ted Face The Music sets a Summer 2020 date, but will theaters be open and viable?

Lacorsa  Grand Prix Racing Game
I love going to the movies and usually saw a film every weekend. Post-pandemic... I'm much more hesitant.
As a fan of the original Bill and Ted films, I find it hard to resist another installment, especially after the trajectory of Keanu Reeves' career. Seeing he and Alex Winter come back to the franchise is awesome. I wish George Carlin was still with us. Check out the Bill and Ted Face the Music trailer that dropped today!

But for all the love I have for this hapless duo, there's an external issue we all have to deal with as theaters try to safely reopen. Hs the coronavirus really diminished to a safe level?

While the pandemic seems on a downward trend and cities are beginning to open up select businesses, how long will it take for business to "feel safe" to patrons? Right now, I have no interest in being cooped up with strangers in a restaurant, busy store, or movie theater - even if I get o see Bill and Ted 3!

I'm interested to see how the virus infection statistics change as retail begins opening up and people are no longer required to stay home. Hopefully the downward trend will continue. My fear is the summer season, relaxed isolation rules, and businesses opening will generate an "it's over" mentality and people won't be as vigilant with their behaviors as the were previously.

By the Way... Happy Bil & Ted Day! It's June 9th. 6/9 Dudes!

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