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March 2020 Retro Gaming Article

March 20 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop's insistence on staying open shows how damaging the coronavirus has been on retailers

GameStop is suffering from virus quarantine
Many of GameStop's stores are inside malls that have closed due to the virus. This hurts an already ailing company.
GameStop is trying to remain in business. The global pandemic is taking a toll on humanity and many businesses. GameStop has been in financial distress for a few years, limping along with acquisitions, store closures, and experimental expansions. They are fighting to stay open, as an "essential business" claiming to sell computer and communication products. The situation being what it is, makes this unsafe. Still they persist with staying open.

It's easy to sink into self-serving pity during the increasing quarantines associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants are closed. Many stores are closed. Movie theaters are closed. Many events have been canceled or postponed. On top of it all, we are being told to stay in our homes. It's an irritating situation. But that's just on a personal level. The business world is going through many changes as well and it will leave many small businesses in ruins.

GameStop is obviously not an essential business and should be closed, but their struggle to defy rules and recommendations shows how much this pandemic is hurting them. Many malls are closing. Many GameStop locations are inside malls - thus closing them down regardless.

No customers means no income which also translates into a very bleak future the longer this pandemic keeps people separated from retailers. Roads are wide open. The streets are almost empty of the large crowds I usually see. This is effecting our daily lives and our economy. They promise this will pass and I'm sure it will, but what will remain after extended shutdowns remains to be seen. Clearly GameStop it teetering on the edge of ruin. A lot of folks are poking fun at them or angry they are forcing their workers to remain in the stores.

Don't lose sight of the difficulties both financially and health-wise that are effecting a great many people. Some are hiding in their homes hoping for the best. Others are hoping for the best in hospital beds. Stay safe. Stay at home.

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