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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 29, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Get a full-length chiptune album on an NES cartridge - Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes

2,600 limited edition woodgrain Founder's Edition Amico console pre-orders sold out
You can download the files, but when you're listening to chiptunes played from an NES cartridge... on your NES - that's how chiptunes are done!
Check out this Kickstarter for the sickest way to crank up some awesome chiptunes! Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes is a compilation of 15 synthwave/chiptune artists, presented on a fully functional NES cartridge. No games - just chiptunes! This is a limited run of 100 hand-numbered NES carts, playable on your Nintendo Entertainment System.

This seems to be the beginning of more cart-based releases, but this one kicks it off with translucent green cartridges. You also get a digital download of the album and the Audio Expansion Adapter from Infinite NES Lives. Pretty sweet deal!

A unique & authentic way to enjoy a full-length chiptune album!
If you love chiptunes and playing NES games, this is a unique way to use your game console as a stereo. I grew up playing arcade ports on my Atari 2600. When the NES arrived, the first thing I noticed was the sound. There was music!

It's sound capabilities were amazing compared to the consoles I'd owned. Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes is all music, so you get authentic sounds and music reminiscent of games you've played. But there's no game code. It's all music - fifteen full tracks of chiptunes.

This could be the coolest album you've ever bought! Check out the kickstarter and order soon to get a low number from this limited edition release of 100 cartridges!

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