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June 2020 Retro Gaming Article

June 8, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Lacorsa Grand Prix Game brings car racing to table top gaming

Lacorsa  Grand Prix Racing Game
While fast paced car racing may not seem like a table top game, Grand Prix is about maintaining first position.
Lacorsa Grand Prix Game is an elegant table top game with a wooden track and cars. I was attracted to it because I haven't seen many racing games in this format. Along with cards and a die, you fight to maintain the lead in each race.

The rules are easy, letting you jump into play quickly and each game can be completed in 15 minutes. For a simple to play game, it has more strategy than luck due to each player holding the same set of cards. Facing off each round, the higher-numbered-card wins, but as you play you know what cards your opponent has played, giving you an edge on what cards may be played next. Of course your opponent is thinking the same of your hand.

As you track which cards have been played, each player also has a red-line card that adds +2 to any card you play. Two to four players can enter a race. Two players can also have a team in which each of their two cars has it's own set of cards to play.

The game can be purchased with the wooden board or as a card-only game.

Lacorsa  Grand Prix Racing Game

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