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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 14, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Minecraft's upcoming RTX Beta promises ray tracing to enhance the blocky graphics

Minecraft RTX Beta
For a game based on blocks, ray tracing seems like a lofty leap to keep players engaged.
The charm of Minecraft seemed to me to be it's adherence to a blocky style of building and creation. However Minecraft's RTX update makes the blocks look better via ray tracing. I'm not a Minecraft player, but my son was obsessed with it and shared many of his creations and strategies with me.

I think it's cool that Minecraft has expanded from mobile platforms and PC onto many game consoles. Quite an achievement! As a retro gamer who's seen the visual changes to video games from the 70s through the PS4, this update with ray tracing seems parallel to part of my past. It's as if Minecraft is trying to shed it's "Atari 2600" image for that of the "NES" (lol).

When I was a kid, each Christmas there was a new video game console with new features that tried to leapfrog the competition. From Atari and Intellivision to Coleco and Nintendo, they all tried to best one another over time. Minecraft is sort of mimicking that trajectory as it adds ray tracing - something I view as a modern facet - to it's blocky foundation. Imagine if Yars revenge was updated in 1983 with a elements that adds lighting effects, shadows and more vibrant detail.

I'm just having fun with this announcement. Not known for amazing graphics, Minecraft is getting a big graphic improvement with six pre-built worlds for exploration and allegedly the ability to import your existing creations into the RTX beta release. Back in the 80's I was hoping I could turn my 2600 into a Colecovision!

Minecraft RTX Beta

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