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January 2020 Retro Gaming Article

January 12, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Playdate handheld console is on schedule with a newly designed hand-crank

Retro Fighters Striker DC controller for Dreamcast
It's hard to imagine a more unique game console with such charm, stark elements, and whimsical oddity.
We heard about Panic's Playdate game console last Spring. We recently got an email update saying this unique handheld with a black & white screen and a hand-crank is on schedule. Yep - a hand-crank. Don't worry, it also has a D-pad and buttons, but nothing differentiates your product from competitors like a hand-crank. Check out the Playdate website for more info and sign up for their email newsletter.

It's got a hand crank and you know you want that!
If you question this, not all the games use the crank, but some do. Some have questioned the B&W screen, not really knowing what that really is and comparing it to the original Game Boy. Nintendo's Game Boy used a 4-color grayscale screen. It looked yellowish-green and the images didn't stand out well.

The Playdate's screen is black and white which delivers very sharp imagery. We think it's unique and will offer a stark view of your games, unlike anything you've ever seen - in a good way!

The Playdate still ships with 12 games for $149. It releases games in seasons. Season One's 12 games are delivered with the console. Thus, you can buy new games as part of "seasons" which are made up of twelve games, released one per week. So, the uniqueness of Playdate extends from it's look and feel to the way you buy and play games.

With games coming from multiple developers, everyone will have their own perspective on creating games for this device which should yield a vast diversity in the types of games offered. This little console is very exciting on several levels. Get ready to buy a Playdate!

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