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August 2022 Retro Gaming Article

August 26, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari sent out an email saying their trio of new 2600 games (XP cartridges) are shipping August 26

I'm hoping these are properly done releases and, if so, Atari continues this trend. Would you buy a 5200 game?
The trio of new 2600 games from Atari ready to ship Atari sent out an email today saying Aquaventure, Yars: Return, and Saboteur are shipping. I purchased Yars Return last October as a fan of the original game on the 2600. It's interesting to see atari publishing actual game carts for a system that fell off in the 80s before being discontinued in 1992.

Citing a supply chain issue for the delay in shipping, Atari offed a code to download all three games from the Atari VCS online store. That's swell if you happened to dive into that three-year waiting game. If you didn't (I only ordered that swanky new joystick) there's also a code for a price reduction on the VCS console itself.

More XP game cartridges coming soon!
To avoid any confusion, the XP game cartridges that Atari is now shipping are for the original Atari 2600 console that launched in 1977. The codes are for the latest release from 2020.

The final bit of news they offered in this email was a "soft" announcement of more XP games to be released in standard and deluxe versions in the near future. The best they did was say stay tuned in the coming weeks. Cool concept. I hope they release more of these and do so on a quicker schedule.

The trio of new 2600 games from Atari ready to ship

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