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August 2022 Retro Gaming Article

August 31, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Had I known about the image created by the spines, I'd surely have bought all ten Atari XP games

Atari XP game boxes
It wasn't until today that I saw an image of the XP games lined up on a shelf. They all display the Atari 50 logo!
Atari announced Warlords and Super Breakout as the next in the XP series of re-released games for the 2600. In the email they sent was an image of all the boxes lined up. The spines display the "Atari 50" logo. Why did no one tell me this? Is this common knowledge? Damn, I wish I had bought more of these... sort of.

That's pretty slick. I would love to see that lineup on my shelf, but at what cost? I'll admit it loks like Atari has done a nice job on these re-releases, but each one is $100. So once you have all ten and your shelf looks super-swell... you've spend $1,000 dollars. That seems pretty steep to me. These are simply games released in the early days of the 2600. No updates or added features.

Don't get me wrong, these look like great games in really cool packaging, but its too costly for me to get all ten. I guess I'm really saying I'm sad that I'm too cheap to invest in this shelf-tastic buying opportunity. Some of the titles are already sold out. Get 'em while you can! Check out Atari's XP website and see if these games would suit your collection.

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