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August 2022 Retro Gaming Article

August 30, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The slow uphill trudge may result in the delivery of Intellivision's Amico video game console

Intellivision Amico in red
Another positive update from the CEO states a continued move toward releasing the Amico console.
Another positive email from Intellivision's CEO, Phil Adam. Some folks who backed this project years ago have become angry and cancelled their orders for the Amico console. I was on the fence, but looked at this as a one-time shot and getting this console, so I've held out and waited. It seems that may have paid off.

While doom and gloom seemed to surround this project for quite some time, Bits and pieces of positivity have emerged. I consider today's email one of them. The team identified a problem on the assembly line test tun and have corrected it. They seem to be moving forward. Many assumed they were bankrupt and near shutting down. Emails like this one have kept me going.

Its hard to get a vibe from these emails. Tommy had a very joyful way of conveying his thoughts in writing. Phil - not so much. Perhaps he has that monotone demeanor of a CEO at the helm... who knows. These emails leave me hopeful, but not stoked. No delivery date or any hint at the timeline. I guess we wait and remain hopeful.

Read below for the complete email sent today.
This is Phil Adam, CEO of Intellivision. I had planned to respond sooner with the company status, but the team has been working through some production pipeline bugs that have delayed this update. As I've stated previously, updates from myself will be made when material facts are available and relevant. That being said, here are a few updates.

1. One of the primary goals for the small pilot run was to uncover any issues in the production pipeline before starting a larger production run. Fortunately, we did catch one significant problem. Diagnosing this issue and implementing a solution was a significant effort and caused a delay. The symptoms pointed to a bug in the controller firmware, but that was not the case. The problem was an order-of-operations issue when provisioning the console on the production line with its unique identifiers and security keys. The error manifested on the next reboot in a way that looked like a controller bug. With that resolved, the path is clear to finish the pilot run in the next few weeks.

2. We signed a licensing deal with BBG Entertainment GmbH, the details of which will be announced later. Here is a quote from Stephan Berendsen, Managing Director:

"We are very pleased to have licensed four Amico games and the original game versions from Intellivision. For the past three years we have been working with Intellivision on the development of our games DYNABLASTER and BRAINDUEL for Amico. We are excited about Amico and hope that customers will be as well. We are looking forward to offering the four licensed Amico games and original Intellivision versions on other platforms soon."

3. We have another partnership deal that will ensure that 2 of our most anticipated IPs will be available across multiple platforms as well as Amico. The details of that relationship will be announced at a later time. The target for these IPs is simultaneously (or later) with the Amico release.

Given that we will have a limited number of Amico units initially, these partnerships will get the games into more hands who have been waiting to play while helping get the word out to a larger audience. As stated above, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we have a stable system before starting production. That is a key milestone in moving forward.

I would like to thank you again for your support, and thank you to our internal team and external developers that work tirelessly to create a family gaming experience on Amico that brings people of different ages and skills together in group play.

My main concern is the duration and inflation issues that may change the price. For those who backed this console, I believe we only paid half the cost up front, meaning we owe the balance. I worry that the cost may have escalated over time and due to economic oddities effecting many markets. Can Intellivision still sell it for the original quoted price given to backers?
Keep the faith, we may get this console yet!

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