Ready Player One was a great read, but the film seems to have led Facebook to believe the #metaverse is now  
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August 6, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ready Player One was a great read, but the film seems to have led Facebook to believe the metaverse is now

Nobody wants to wear VR hardware to be served ads in a cartoon Metaverse world
Can a mediocre software company deliver VR hardware and convince the masses to buy into a fake world, full of ads, that looks like Paw Patrol?
Zuck is all in, spending tens of billions to create a cartoon world he sees as the metaverse in which he can deliver 3D ads to his user-base wearing VR tech. This notion may be the end of Facebook, Instagram, and their pseudo dominance over people's lives. Naturally, Zuck wants to herd his users into this cartoon metaverse and continue the follies of disbelief. Seriously - who wants this?

If you've seen any of Meta's mock-ups of what their metaverse might look like, one person suggested it's a cartoonish world similar to animated children's show, Paw Patrol. Most VR is in a cartoon format since retail hardware can't handle all the complex textures that give better reality to virtual worlds. That doesn't bode well for anyone who expects to spend a significant amount of time in a Metaverse.

As fate would have it spiraling down the drain is a national pastime in America. Nothing it too sacred to be flushed away without a moments notice. Topping the list is intelligence. Being smart is no longer valued or encouraged. Educational institutions teach outdated curricula that meld our youth into obedient workers, perfectly satisfied to give their wages to a corrupt machine that views them as slaves to the wealth elite.

The real demise of Meta is putting all it's eggs in one Metaverse basket. VR is hardly a proven tech like smartphones or television. Many get disoriented and sick from VR helmets.

Facebook Is Not An Innovation Company

They have VR hardware via the purchase of Oculus and rebranding it Meta. They've done almost nothing to improve the hardware and the software library is still quite primitive with some games achieving a PSone look. Even on the software side, Facebook's "improvements" have largely come from acquisitions or outright copying other apps.

The only area they have excelled in is turning their platforms into ad-delivery machines that serve copious amounts of junk to anyone with a login. This is not the type or company that can transition from software to hardware and deliver a compelling reason for users to try it.

While the current GOP extremist party is doing its darndest to revert our society back to the 1950 and force an enormous wealth gap between billionaires & the poverty stricken, who can afford VR hardware to escape it all into Zuck's cartoon land? The likely selling pint will be FOMO, but I think those fears will be low.

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