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The “pack-in game model” is part of why I'm not fond of Nintendo's decision not to include 1-2-Switch

pack-in games
I've never purchased a console because of the pack-in game, but they often turn out to be my favorite games. Read the full article »

Has purchasing a new game console become bland due to the games or my advancing age?

Video game consoles
Advancements and technology have enabled games to become almost cinematic, but I don't want to "play" a movie. I want an experience that challenges me while delivering fun. Read the full article »

As Trump's circus invades Washington, the real one is closing due to the economy

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey video game
Ringling Bros' "The Circus Wants The Circus Back" campaign was brilliant during election season. It's sad to see them close down. Read the full article »

I didn't expect Nintendo Switch pre-orders to last long, but I did expect a pack-in game

Nintendo Switch - Karen playing Mario Kart
I can't recall ever buying a game console that didn't have a pack-in game. I find that very strange considering the variety of uses for the joycons and the system itself. It seems like the sort of system that needs a special game to expose and train gamers on new features. Read the full article »

The biggest issue facing Nintendo's Switch is the misinformed chatter filling social media

Nintendo Switch
The Switch seems very cool, but it's success will come from the quality of it's game library over time. People complaining and spreading misinformation online, need to find that one game that captures their wonder and leads them into an amazing game. Read the full article »

Are Retail clerks the new "bar tenders" in the fight against underage game purchases?

M-rated video games
I'm not sure underage gaming can be equated to the perils of underage drinking, but my town is trying it out. Read the full article »

Seeing the sale of Craftsman Tools brings memories of playing and buying Atari games at Sears

Super Retro Boy from Retro-Bit
Wasn't it just yesterday I was looking through Atari 2600 games in Sears, debating which title looked the most promising? Read the full article »

Luxtive Arcade System melds 80's retro games with Michelin tires to create the Wheelcade

Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade
Yes, it's a beautiful multicade coffee table in a tire, but not just any tire. It's a Michelin. Read the full article »

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