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Pac-Man Ghost Candy Tin

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Pac-Man Ghost Candy Tin

Keeping the flowing bottom edges of the tins makes these Pac-Man candy tins pretty slick as they gathers dust on my shelf.

Metal Pac-Man Ghost Candy tin

Pac-Man Ghost Candy This red Pac-Man Ghost candy tin has the fluttered edge at the bottom and is full of Cherry Ghost Sours. Cool!
Pac-Man Ghost Candy The cherry stench from this tin was overwhelming when I opened it. I'm pretty sure the cherry-sour candy will kill me if eaten more than one at a time.
Pac-Man Ghost Candy Flipping over the Pac-Man Ghost tin reveals the chemicals that go into making these treats.
Pac-Man Ghost Candy Top view of the blue & red Pac-Man Ghost candy tins.
Pac-Man Ghost Candy Top view of the blue Pac-Man Ghost candy tin
Pac-Man Ghost Candy Inside the blue Pac-Man Ghost candy tin is an ample supply of extremely blue raspberry flavored candies.
Pac-Man Ghost Candy A listing of all the chemicals that make up these delicious Pac-Man ghost candies.

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