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Tetris Jenga

Jenga is a fun game that can get pretty tense when you know that next block is going to send the blocks tumbling down around you. The entire premise of Tetris is getting oddly shaped block into perfect squares. The rules for Tetris Jenga immediately dispense with that, stating your tower doesn't have to be a perfect square on each level and to expect jagged edges.

That's a relief as the game's set up would take longer than playing a round!

I found this tetris version on sale at Toys R Us. Produced by Hasbro Gaming in 2013, it's comprised of plastic blocks that may not be as easy to slide as the typical wooden blocks.

Tetris Jenga Images

Tetris Jenga Three-quarter-view of the Tetris Jenga box. This game was released by Hasbro in 2013.
Tetris Jenga The front of the Tetris Jenga box.
Tetris Jenga The back of the Tetris Jenga box.
Tetris Jenga The shrink-wrapped blocks from the Tetris Jenga game.
Tetris Jenga The rules for the Tetris Jenga game.

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