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Intro to the Nintendo GameBoy Color

Having owned the monochrome GameBoy, it seemed logical to buy the Color model. I remember having high hopes that the GameBoy Color would have a birght screen, full color and eye-popping imagery. My eyes did pop out, but it was from trying to tilt the unit at the right angle in order to see anything on the screen. I remember finding virtually no way to position it under a lamp so I could see the screen and avoid glare from the lamp. Damn tough unit to play.

Nintendo GameBoy Color - Technical Specifications

The Game Boy Color is Nintendo's successor to the Game Boy and was released on October 21, 1998 in Japan, November 19, 1998 in North America, November 23, 1998 in Europe and November 27, 1998 in UK. It features a color screen and is slightly thicker and taller than the Game Boy Pocket. As with the original Game Boy, it has an 8-bit processor. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined have sold 118.69 million units worldwide.

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Nintendo GameBoy Color - front view
Nintendo GameBoy Color with game cart
Nintendo GameBoy Color - attachable backlight
Nintendo GameBoy Color - flip case

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