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Black Friday always seems like a bad day to leave the house... more so during a global pandemic

In year's past, it's been fun to watch videos of morons fighting over the last "sale item" at a box store. Most shoppers know the best pricing is a few weeks after Black Friday, yet they still go shopping a 2:00AM to save a few bucks on an appliance. The crowds and checkout lines are enough to keep me home.

In a country where you have to tell people that a global pandemic is deadly serious, you know traditions will be hard for idiots. Thanksgiving gatherings are a bad idea because the Coronavirus spreads easily indoors and very often elderly family members are present. So why was it just days before Thanksgiving was formally announced as a bad idea? Plans were already in place.

This makes me wonder two things:

  1. Scientists saw this coming. Why wait to the last minute to cancel Thanksgiving gatherings?
  2. Why hasn't Black Friday been canceled in retail stores?

Stay home on and shop online!

Black Friday always seems like a bad day to leave the house

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