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I remember the days when stereos were either those all-in-one units with the turn table on top or a sleek stack of components inside a clear lucite enclosed rack. Mine was an all-in-one stereo, but I loved copying my LPs to cassette so I didn't damage my vinyl. It got the job done, but I was jealous of my friends who had those glowing EQs and flashing lights dancing behind those clear magnetic doors!

Of course this pre-dates all the funky Bluetooth speakers we see littering retail shelves in the electronics aisle. In my day, electronics were the focus on an entire store, not merely a section or aisle within a box store that also sells fresh lettuce and tube socks. Stereo sound was once sought after in the form of quality components and careful selection of speakers. Yes, speakers plural. You bought two of them!

I have two stereo setups from long ago that still work and when you crank them up, a room is wonderfully filled with sound. Try that on the average Bluetooth speaker - all you hear is a tin-sound with far too much treble. Kids today have been led to believe that MP3s on your phone sound great when ported to one of these modern speakers over Bluetooth. Sorry. They sound like crap. Good sound is about moving air. Your phone is not a stereo.

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