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iHOP rebrands as iHOB - the Intergalactic Hang Out Barcade

iHOP released an odd bit of rebranding today. They claim to be changing their name to iHOB. One has to wonder if this is some sort of marketing scheme to drum up interest in their pancake restaurants or is a big change afoot? Some speculate the "B" will stand for breakfast, but pancakes are pretty much a breakfast food, so I'm not sure that translates into a significant move.

We have a more daring interpretation...

iHop rebrands as iHOB - A Retro Gaming Memes

We think the pancake business has gone sour. Bisquick brings their business model to your kitchen counter, so why go out for pancakes, right? iHOP sees this and is shifting gears to a different kind of business - the retro gaming business. The success of the Barcade (bar + arcade) model in indisputable and the International House is going for a new kind of local fun.

We predict the new iHOP logo will launch the Intergalactic Hang Out Barcade where you can't get a pancake,but there's plenty of Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk, and Defender. Put away the maple syrup and head on down the biggest thing to rock Chuck E, Dave, and Buster!

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