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Final Day at the Westfield Arcade -Book Review
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Gaming books - classic retro gaming video game book reviewAndy Hunt, The Final Day at the Westfield Arcade - classic retro gaming video game book review
Title: The Final Day at Westfield Arcade
Author: Andy Hunt
Publisher: Infinity Books
Platform: Book
Release Date: 2013
ISBN #: 978-0615838861
Rating: 4 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Andy Hunt, The Final Day at the Westfield Arcade - classic retro video game book review Rating

Video game books are often technical in nature or full of historical accounts. Many of them I would classify as video game history books (which are far more interesting than most history books). Some explore timeframes or specific game consoles while others detail the amazing games themselves.

Rarely are we treated to a novel that focuses around video games and tells a great story . Andy Hunt has resolved that quandary with his novel, The Final Day at Westfield Arcade that chronicles the life of Mike Mayberry. Life's circumstances took Mike to an unlikely circumstance that was full of the epic mania of the early 80's arcade scene. Along the way the realities of everyone's lives ensued.

This is the first book review I've done that could contain spoiler alerts due to it containing a wonderful storyline. I won't give away an details of the story, but this book will certainly appeal to anyone who frequented arcades in the 80s and to those that want to enjoy a solid story set against the arcade scene of that time.

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In 1982, there were 13,000 video game arcades in North America that generated over $8 billion in quarters, a figure higher than the combined revenue of the music ($4 billion) and film ($3 billion) industries that year. By 2002, fewer than 500 arcades remained,
and total revenue had dropped to less than $100 million. THE FINAL DAY AT WESTFIELD ARCADE is a coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the astronomic rise and fall of the video game arcade industry.

Each chapter is framed around a particular arcade game. As Mike's story unfolds, new games arrive at the Westfield Arcade, each one fueling a new gaming passion for everyone who frequented the arcade. We watch Mike grow as this epic era ensues.

Hunt's book tells a great story set against the excitement that erupted in arcades of the early 80s. Having lived through this era, each chapter brought back memories. I'm sure anyone who remembers these various arcade games appearing in their local arcade will be drawn into this book.

As Hunt delves into Mike's love of video games, all the late-night after-hours gaming with friends was so wonderfully recanted. I'm really excited to have found a novel set around my favorite arcade era. It's both a good story and brings out the amazing times we all had in neon-carpeted arcades!

classic retro gaming video game book review
Final Judgement:

Andy Hunt, The Final Day at the Westfield Arcade

is a fun read and will evoke fond memories in those who haunted arcades in the 80 and will illuminate that era for others. At the same time, it tells a compelling story set in that arcade scene. Whether you love video games or not, this is a really great book.

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