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Zelda. The History Of A Legendary Saga -Book Review
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Gaming books - classic retro gaming video game book reviewZelda. The History Of A Legendary Saga - classic retro gaming video game book review
Title: Zelda. The History Of A Legendary Saga
Author: Nicolas Courcier and Mehdi El Kanafi
Publisher: Third Editions
Platform: Book
Release Date: 2017
ISBN #: 979-1094723593
Rating: 4 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Zelda. The History Of A Legendary Saga - classic retro video game book review Rating

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Nintendo's Zelda franchise comes a book that delves into the world of Hyrule and the lore from it's numerous representations across time and gaming platforms. Third Editions, specializing in books related to video games, have created a spectacular tome of information and introspection about the Zelda franchise and offers an in-depth look.

While video game history books come in a variety of formats, few hone in on a franchise as authors Nicolas Courcier and Mehdi El Kanafi have. Beginning with The Legend Of Zelda, the book follows the story as it unfolds over the decades as the story grows and the underlying technology of the various platforms did as well.

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The phenomenal success of Nintendo's Game Boy portable system became a platform for Link and Zelda's epic adventures
as a way to leverage the traveling portability of Gameboy. It was an addition to the franchise's ability to transport it's players to wonderful places for adventures.

If you haven't played all of the games in the Zelda franchise, this book will guide you through the mythology as well as the intricacies of it's development.

I enjoyed the segues into the development team's assessment of the Wii's motion control aspects combined with the Wiimote and Nunchuck offerings. The Wii brought a slew of new control options and the team had to decide how to best implement, or ignore, them.

The intertwining of lore, technology and gameplay is well done in Zelda The History Of A Legendary Saga. The hardcover version is worthy of the best display shelves or coffee table. However, don't confuse this with typical coffee table books. This book envelops a wide breadth of information, but does so with well-written prose, not pictures. A quick flip through it will reveal it does not rely on imagery to convey it's insights.

Those who love the rich familiar graphic style of the Zelda franchise should experience it as it was intended... in the glorious worlds unfolding from Nintendo's NES to their Switch. That is where you can experience the visual beauty of Zelda. Third Editions' book is a wise companion to that experience, perhaps tying up loose ends or filling in gaps where your controller has not yet taken you.

Third Editions has also produced books focusing other games like Final Fantasy VII and Dark Souls. Check their website to see what books are in development.

classic retro gaming video game book review
Final Judgement:

Zelda. The History Of A Legendary Saga

dedicates a chapter to each Zelda game beginning with the NE$ and continuing to publication. Without imagery, this tome paints beautiful tales of it's legendary saga along with technical aspects and gameplay elements. It's all fused in a well-written book.

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