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Coleco's BurgerTime -Colecovision
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 Colecovision console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewColeco's BurgerTime for Colecovision Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: BurgerTime
Manufacturer: Coleco
Platform: Colecovision
Release Date: 1984
Part #: 2430
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Coleco's BurgerTime Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating
Coleco's BurgerTime Screenshot:
Coleco's BurgerTime for Colecovision screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review

Again, the Colecovision got one of the best ports of the arcade version of BurgerTime. Coleco was renown for having the best arcade ports and this one is really close to the original. I loved this game in the arcade. It always seemed to make sense that walking across each component of a Hamburger was a proper method should one be dressed as a chef and working at the Pepper Grill.

I find that some home ports of arcade classics don't always fill the screen as much as one would think possible. I'm sure there's a logical reason, but it always strikes me as odd. Millipede for the NES is a good example in that the game is offset on the left side of the screen.

Coleco's BurgerTime Story Arc

Chef Peter Pepper owns the best burger joint in town - Pepper's Grill. As Master Chef, he's in charge of satisfying all his customers (else they'll troll him on Yelp!). As he works the grill, he has to deal with a few foes who seemingly want to disrupt his gourmet hamburger business. As Peter traverses the grill, he avoids, peppers and dashes as he assembles burgers and wipes out his enemies. There's a lot of action going down in this kitchen!

Coleco's BurgerTime Game Play

Holy shit! Check this out...
BurgerTime, by Data East, was released into arcades in 1982. The game's original title, Hamburger, was changed to BurgerTime before
distribution into the US by Bally Midway. There were a few sequels, but none were widely released. The sequels were BurgerTime Deluxe, Super BurgerTime, and Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory.

This one or two-player game starts with 5 chefs (lives) and lets you choose from 4 skill levels. The skill levels are defined mainly by how many pinches of pepper you have to ward off enemies and the speed of the enemies. Skill level 3 seems closest to the arcade version. You'll earn an extra chef every 10,000 points!

Pepper is your primary weapon for slowing down your enemies. Peter flings pepper in the direction he's facing when either side-button is pressed. the foes are Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle. Pepper will stun them, but they will soon recover and pursue you again.

Getting rid of these foes involves some good timing. Either drop parts of you burgers down on top of them or lure them into following you as you dash across a burger part. As the part falls, so will the foes. Keep in mind that, like flinging pepper, these foes will return to chase you. Dropping them down a level simply offers you more escape time before they catch up with you.

Power-ups in the form of ice cream, fries, and coffee will appear in the center of the screen. Get to them in time and you may get bonus points and an extra pinch of pepper. Completing four burgers also rewards you with an extra pinch of pepper. As you progress, the game gets harder by adding cheese to the menu and a boost to those fast-moving foes.

BurgerTime is an arcade favorite, demonstrated by the numerous platforms it was later released onto. It wasn't just consoles of the 80's who received BurgerTime. From The Wii to Xbox and mobile platforms, Peter Pepper lives on in infamy as a renown chef of a really fun arcade game. Worth every second of game play!

 Colecovision console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

Coleco's BurgerTime

for the Colecovision is arguably one of the best ports to a home console. It pack in all the fun of the arcade original but doesn't quite match the more detailed condiments of the arcade game. It's just as addictive today as it was in the arcade. Great game!

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